Announcement|Status Match

01 March 2021 - 31 December 2021

AMAZZING CLUB status match is coming ~
※ Status match need to information:
1. AMAZZING CLUB membership information.
2. Membership tier information of other membership program.
3. P
ast 12 months stay details of other membership program.
Please provide the photo or PDF to us.
※ Status match standard and rule:(choose one of a kind membership program)
Calculated based on the number of eligible nights staying in the year, the number of matching nights is the same as the number of AMAZZING CLUB upgrade nights. If there are multiple bookings within the same stay period, the nights for a room will be calculated.
◆ Status match fail:
Less than 10 nights / year
◆ Status match success:
Honor Member:Stay 10-24 nights / year
Master Member:Over 25 nights / year
★ From Sep 1st 2020 application status match and successful member, we will not provide “Suite Room Upgrade Voucher”.
※ Status match step:
1. Status match need to information send to AMAZZING CLUB email
2. AMAZZING CLUB customer service staffs respond the email according to the information provided.
3. The status match result will be replied after the matching is completed.

※ Status match Q & A:
1. How long about status match?
    A:About 14 work days after provide information.
2. If status match fail can application again?
    A:Each person or each membership can be match once, and no further application can be made after matching fails.
3. Can change the membership birthday voucher after status match success?
    A:Birthday Voucher is send from system, after sending, the member who has successfully status match cannot change the voucher.
4. How long about higher member validity period?
    A:Of all types of AMAZZING CLUB personal membership, Honor and Master is valid for one year from the month of upgrade. If specific member cannot satisfy all the requirements of membership or upgrade in the year after the upgrade, such member will be resumed to the previous membership status from the same month of the next year (and so forth).