Spring Blossom is in the air | The Delicious Guide

01 January 2020 - 31 March 2020
Spring Blossom is in the air
The Delicious Guide #Member Only

Promotion Period : 2020.01.01-2020.03.31


50% OFF
 on the second set
Classic Beef Feast
*For Dinner
*Not applicable : 1/24-1/27
TEL +886 2 7726 9099

50% OFF
 on the second set
Steak dinner
*For Dinner
*Not applicable : 1/24-1/27
TEL +886 2 7726 9090

HOTEL COZZI ‧ Minsheng Taipei

Order one set and enjoy a French fries for free.
*Unlimited exchange times.
*The set from NT$350 per person.
TEL +886 2 7706 3399

HOTEL COZZI ‧ Zhongxiao Taipei

All drinks buy one get the second one free refill once per person.
*One cup per person or a set limit.
*Unlimited exchange times. (All drinks are applicable)

20% OFF Fruit Yogurt Salad
*This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions, except for the second drink for free refill.
TEL +886 2 7725 3399

HOTEL COZZI ‧ Ximen Tainan

Enjoy 12% OFF FUNKY FIELD Ticket
*Not applicable : 1/23-1/29
*Daily time : 13:00-18:00
*NT$351 per child

50% OFF on the second COZZI Handmade Fun
*Not applicable : 1/23-1/29
*Need to reserve and cooperate with DIY event time. Click Time Table
TEL +886 6 702 6699

HOTEL COZZI ‧ Zhongshan Kaohsiung

25% OFF on the second set of Afternoon tea
*Not applicable : 1/24-1/28
*Offer is subject to the lower price.

Senior Citizen enjoys 12% OFF on dinning
*Not applicable : 1/24-1/26, 2/14, 5/9-5/10, 8/8, 8/25, 12/24-12/25, 12/31
*Exclusively for 65 or above.
*Time : lunch and dinner
TEL +886 7 975 6677

Cozzi Café  仁愛店 & 信義置地店 Cozzi Café Ren’ai & Cozzi Café Xinyi

Monday | 50% OFF on the second set of Salads or Sandwiches
*Every Monday
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