Activity|Member Only-Let’s Celebrate! Book suite and enjoy vacation

31 December 2020 - 31 March 2021

Member Only|Let’s Celebrate! Book suite and enjoy vacation
Activity time:2021.1.4-2021.3.31
Suitable:All Members

Activity method:One bottle of sparkling wine is given to guests who "direct booking of suite"  on Hotel COZZI official website or AMAZZING CLUB official website or CHM Reservation Center.
Wine introduction:
Caldirola 365 Moscato Vino Spumante
Region:Italy, Piemonte
Grape Variety:100% Moscato
Alcohol Content:6%
Tasting Notes:The sparkling wine has the golden yellow color of dried grass with flower, fruity, and honey aroma. Presents fresh and fascinating sweet and sour taste in your taste bud.

Remark :
1. This program is not applicable to guests with “Suite Room Upgrade Voucher” or “Upgrade in hotel room” by AMAZZING CLUB and Special upgrade.
2. For more information, please contact the representative at any time.
3. AMAZZING CLUB reserve the right to change any content of the campaign without notice.